iPad: Which iPad Should You Buy?

iPad Review: Which iPad Should You Buy?

ipad-retinaApple recently announced the birth of it’s 2014 models. Apple’s new approach to it’s line of tablets is making everything easier to carry or hold – with a 28% lighter device and a 43% thinner bezel.

Apple’s iPad tablet (competitive to Android tablets pioneered by Google) is a portable, slim, internet-connected computer. Quite possibly more powerful than your current desktop or notebook computer. It’s portable with a long, 10 hour, battery life. Unlike your current computer tablets start instantly and are ready to use as soon as you wake them.

Apple introduced the iPad mini as a smaller sibling to the iPad Air. It has the same smooth back design, thin bezel and slightly different speakers at the base.

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Both the Air and the Mini are capable machines when it comes to video, audio playback or browsing the web. So we don’t need to debate technical specifications. Displays are stunning and again there’s no need to debate there merits when we can just use the iPad and enjoy the brilliant detail and colors of the Retina displays.


ipad-miniIf you intend to read magazine publications then the larger screen of the iPad Air is what you are looking for. If you want something smaller that’s purse or pocket size then the Mini fits the bill. Either can be used an excellent eBook reader in addition to replace an iPod or MP3 player to reproduce your music or audio-book collection.

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Two other features differentiate iPad models – Storage capacity and 3G capability.

Storage Capacity

The vast majority of people will be fine with the entry models – either the 16 or the 32GB models. If you have a large music collection or want to store movie and TV programs then you need to move up to the 64GB models, expect to pay a lot more for the convenience of storage.

3G Model

Most of us have Wi-Fi at home or have convenient Wi-Fi access at work or in our fav coffee shops. If you have easy access to Wi-Fi or never intend to download, etc outside of home then you do not need a 3G model with it’s costly monthly fees and multi-year contract.

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However, if you want to use your iPad while on the road you will need the 3G model. Personally I went with the Wi-Fi model and pop into a nearby coffee shop if I need access on the road. It’s just a matter of pulling through the drive-through to check your email or send a message while waiting for your order!

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